Words are not enough to thank to all the people around the world who have provided the data for connectivity over the years. The Internet has grown to what it is today thanks to this relentless collaboration between people.

Special thanks to Tibor Gruber ( who has provided many leads regarding new Full Internet connectivity and to Steven Gibbs ( who has provided much of the information regarding "courtesy top level domains".
A note of thanks also goes to Liam Madden ( of the Imperial College Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department for all his help and assistance in hosting the Web pages over the early years.


Randy Bush (>, Steven Huter ( and John Klensin ( at the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC) for the full collaboration and sharing of database data since 1992.

Since 27 November 1998, the whole collection of data, maps, etc. has actually moved to the NSRC's Web host located at the University of Oregon, Eugene, USA.

This database is referred-to by quantities of search engines and other sites:

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