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Connectivity Providers - Contact Data

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Sierra Tel Internet - STI   28-Jun-2006
University of Sierra Leone, Njala University College   11-Oct-2004

Reports on Networking Infrastructure in Sierra Leone
Country reports explained
Title   Date entered

Update - Academic Network in Sierra Leone   23-May-2006
Academic Network in Sierra Leone   13-Nov-2004
Sierra Leone Internet providers   3-Mar-2002
Full IP in Sierra Leone via Sierratel (24.04.98)   24-Apr-1998
SierraNet Contact Points   26-Oct-1995
(Fwd) SierraNet -the network, the centre, the team   26-Oct-1995
(Fwd) IPAM & SierraNet gateways   26-Oct-1995
Internet Mail in Sierra Leone   20-Sep-1995
Sierra Leone networking update (6/95)   15-Jun-1995
Update on Sierra Leone   18-Apr-1995
SL connectivity update (2/95)   1-Mar-1995
Sierra Leone Update   19-Oct-1994
Reports that are external to nsrc.org site:
  • Sierra Leone Internet Connectivity - 2000
  • Sierranet: Linking Sierra Leone to the World
  • The Internet in Schools and Colleges in Sierra Leone: Prospects and Challenges - November 2001
  • Overview of the Internet in Sierra Leone - June 2000
  • Web Links Concerning ISPs and Networking in Sierra Leone


  • LimeLine
  • Datatel
  • Top Level Domain contact information for Sierra Leone

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