# 2016 NSRC - UbuntuNet Train the Trainer Workshop # * **Dates:** October 30-November 2, 2016 * **Location:** Entebbe, Uganda * **Host:** [UbuntuNet](https://www.ubuntunet.net/) * **Venue:** [Imperial Golf View Hotel](http://www.imperialhotels.co.ug/ImperialGolfViewHotel.html) ## Workshop ## * [Detailed Agenda](agenda.html) (includes links to presentations and schedule) * [Participants](participants.html) * [Instructors and Organizers](instructors.html) * [Reference Materials](references.html) * [Books](books.html) * [Sponsors](sponsors.html "Workshop Sponsors") * [Group Photo](https://photos.nsrc.org/picture.php?/10181-group_photo_3/category/39-nsrc_ubuntunet_train_the_trainer_uganda_2016) : [Photos](https://photos.nsrc.org/index.php?/category/39-nsrc_ubuntunet_train_the_trainer_uganda_2016) : [Video](https://www.facebook.com/nsrc.org/videos/1247464808609237/) * [Survey](https://nsrc.org/limesurvey/index.php/283496?lang=en_us) * NSRC-UbuntuNet Trainers mailing list: [here](https://lists.nsrc.org/listinfo/nsrc-ubuntunet-trainers) ## Goals ## * To provide sustainable technical expertise to support the current rapid build-out of research and education networks (RENs) in Sub-Saharan Africa. * Expand local network engineering expertise in university IT departments and REN organizations to support these emerging RENs. ## Objectives ## * General objective: students will be able to confidently plan and deliver lessons. * Specific teaching objectives: after the workshop, the students will be able to: * Write specific objectives * Write a lesson plan * Select classroom activities * Design and use a teaching aid (handouts, demo device, whiteboard, imagery, presentations, etc.) * Design and use a classroom assessment method (e.g. short answer test) * Plan a course of instruction or workshop * Specific objectives around the NSRC virtualized training platform: * Install Ubuntu, libvirt and kvm from scratch on a bare metal server * Download and install the class-gw and VTP virtual machines * Manage dynamips and lxd instances in VTP * Understand use of and obtaining training materials