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Connectivity Providers - Contact Data

Name   Last update

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals - CCSE   15-Jul-2005
King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology - ISU   14-Jul-2005
Sahara Network Services   10-Dec-1999

Reports on Networking Infrastructure in Saudi Arabia
Country reports explained
Title   Date entered

The National and Academic Networks in Saudi Arabia [PDF format]   14-Dec-2015
Saudi Internet activity   28-Oct-1999
Transfer of .SA primary DNS server   20-Oct-1998
SA Internet Activity (12/96)   7-Dec-1996
Information about Sahara Internet Service..(5/96)   25-Apr-1996
(SA) Sahara data (10.95)   30-Oct-1995
Saudi connected via SURAnet to the U.S.   29-Aug-1995
Internet in SA   25-Aug-1995
(SA) KFUPM update (8/95)   21-Aug-1995
Greetings from Dhahran!   7-Mar-1995
Saudi Email on Internat   25-Jan-1995
GOSSIP SA - Saudi Arabia with low quality Full Internet (1995.01.23)   23-Jan-1995
SA domain active   26-May-1994
Internet/email access in Saudi Arabia   27-May-1993
Saudi Arabia Info   1-Sep-1992
Reports that are external to nsrc.org site:
  • An Update: The Internet in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (February, 1999)
  • Web Links Concerning ISPs and Networking in Saudi Arabia


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  • Licensed Internet Service Providers in KSA
  • Internet Services Unit (ISU)
  • Top Level Domain contact information for Saudi Arabia
  • List of ISP in Saudi Arabia
  • Saudi Network Information Center
  • The KACST FTP Service - contains Arabization programs and utilities
  • King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology Web Server
  • King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre

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